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Elite Baseball Training's BioTech Cage is the biomechanics lab of Chicago Cubs Biokinematic Hitting Consultant Justin Stone and one of the most technologically advanced batting cages in the world. When fully utlized, this cage can tell the entire story of your swing - from ground reaction force, to kinematic sequencing, to bat metrics, and finally ball output. By measuring all of this we can custom fit swing mechanics to the attributes of each athlete.
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Often inefficiencies in the swing are not mechanical, they are physio. Through our hitting specific screening process, we can identify if issues are mechanical or physiological and put you on the right plan to fix them.
The Force Plate is first used to test unilateral leg bias and rate of force production through a series of jump testing. Then, in conjunction with the rest of the tools below, hitters take swings on the plate to measure vertical, horizontal, and torque forces of both legs during the swing.
The K-Vest determines the body’s efficiency in the kinematic sequence. This gives us insight on how to not only turn faster, but do so over the shortest time possible.
Bat sensors give us key data points like bat speed, time to impact, and attack angle.
We track the ball to be sure our adjustments are resulting in consistent hard contact at appropriate launch angles for the individual.
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